Development Proposals

Development Proposals for Histon and Impington

South Cambridgeshire District Council is in the process of preparing a new Local Plan to guide the development and use of land in the area. Four sites in our village were  identified in the Council's 'Issues and Options 1' as being suitable for potential housing development.

The four areas are:
  • The former SAICA cardboard factory site    planning permission for 72 houses (being built) 
  • 2 sites North of Impington Lane                 30 - 46 houses proposed (Green Belt)
  • Buxhall Farm, Glebe Way                         400 homes proposed        (Green Belt)

 (See map at  appendix 6)

The District Council received a number of comments/objections to the development of the new sites during the consultation period which finished at the end of September 2012. These can be viewed on their website under ‘Local Plan Issues and Options Report’.   Issue 16 Development Options.

The Council is yet to decide if the sites North of Impington Lane and the Buxhall Farm site are to be included in the Local Plan.

The Council is now consulting on 2 further options in 'Issues and Options 2':
‘Station’ site – up to 30 dwellings and some commercial use
NIAB 3 site, land south of the A14 in Impington, - up to 130 dwellings
For information on this go to the South Cambridgeshire District Council website here.

NIAB sites 1 and 2 approx 2,700 dwellings info here

Summary of issues Raised by Histon and Impington Village Action Group and others during the 'Issues and Options 1' consultation
Flooding at the Brook
  • land proposed for development is Green Belt land
  • pressure on local infrastructure
  • traffic issues/ congestion
  • reduction of open space
  • need to keep village as village and not become a town
  • potential impact on quality of life
  • pressure/impact on school places
  • bio-diversity issues
  • flood risk concerns
  • retaining heritage site
  • need to retain character of village
  • loss of agricultural land
  • facilities/services already at capacity

Timetable for preparation of South Cambridgeshire new Local Plan

  • Issues and Options 1 consultation                          12 July - 28 September 2012
  • Issues and Options 2 consultation                          7 Jan -  18 February 2012
  • Draft Local Plan Public Consultation                       July - September 2013
  • Submission of Local Plan to Secretary of State       January 2014


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